Succesfull Childrens cot now extended with 2 variables!

  • Succesfull Childrens cot now extended with 2 varia

Posted on 2 February 2016

IC / High Care
Next to the standard performance of the childrens cot Sinnebed there is a full electric performed bed developed; the so called IC / High Care bed. The electrical adjustable childrens cot meets the wishes of the nursing staff. The childrens cot with its unique possibilities (unlimited access to the patient, comfortable working height, safety, and optimal hygiene) is almost without maintenance, and very easy to clean.

As the name probably already shows, the standard childrens cot now is somewhat moderated, what means that the bed is not height adjustable, without central braking system, and the castors are slightly smaller. Even this bed is useful everywhere and fits in every budget.


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